Luminous City: Son of me and Machiavelli

I would hate to think so. It seemed to me that the interest was simply no longer there, or rather that no one else shared my ongoing enthusiasm for the project. If that happened to be true, or if I was merely seeing what I wanted to see, I find myself unable to determine.

Re-reading that, I am pretty comfortable with the assumption that interest in the @Fulcrum né Radiant City né Fulcrum project (outside my own interest) did not and does not exist among those who took part. I would like to think I would have been in more regular two-way contact in that case, but viewed through this particular prism everyone but me seems to have moved on, from Fulcrum/Radiant City music and from me personally.

I am also comfortable that I did the music justice with my production and didn’t make anyone who originally played in the band out to look a fool. Where possible, I based my performances on theirs, and did so without irony; they were good parts played with people who at that time were as committed as I was. Those who wrote (all of us) will get their royalties, if I can help it.

Clearly I can’t keep obsessing about this. So, my next post on the subject will announce the distribution of Luminous City, and there will be no further between now and then.


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