Luminous City: One AM Deluxe

Once upon a time there was an Englishwoman living in Manhattan with whom I really wanted to get my freak on– and I think she might have been interested in the same thing (judging from an evening spent macking at a mutual friend’s dinner party). Only thing, there was a bit of a language barrier.. she spoke British English and American English (French, too, but that’s not important now); and while my American English isn’t bad at all (and my French isn’t bad either once I’ve hung out in MontrĂ©al for a week– what is it with me and the French thing all of a sudden?)– I think in retrospect I had an overly inflated sense of my own command of British English. Signals were missed; mistakes were made, likely all of them on my end. After a few long phone calls and a couple of visits where we didn’t quite know what to do with one another, we drifted. Our collective freaks remained unadorned.

Two years removed from that, rather than assume complete culpability for my failure, I wrote lyrics about “our” failure to stay connected. The song to which I would fit them already had lyrics, but over time I became less and less enamored with singing them; I no longer believed them. Some nonsense about living in Provence, or suburban Paris (ah, that’s why I was making so much of France earlier), and meeting up with an old friend who disapproved of my adopted boho lifestyle, wanting to show her around to justify why I liked my life now. (At the time I was a going-nowhere-never secretary at a pharmaceutical house, so I had reason to daydream of foreign climes.)

I started the guitar part by wondering “What would Chris play?” but probably took it to places he wouldn’t go then. As he seems to have dropped off the face of the earth– none of his musical cronies from that era can find him– I have no idea what he would play now, or whether he is even still playing. I wish him well, no matter what.

Precisely one person who has heard this cut so far heard the Wabash Cannonball allusion.

My English friend now runs her own business somewhere in the five boroughs, and in my heart I am glad; it is what she wanted.


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