Bless me reader, for I have strayed.. (with new music from Chiron Return)

It’s been a month and a half, give or take, since my last confession.

Actually the only straying I’ve done has been from my original plans for the second Arc CD. Something happened in January that I’ll describe over at my other repository for wisdom, knowledge, and other things you can’t buy at Wal*Mart; and then something happened in February which I think is a little more pertinent to the main thrust of this blog.

That something was a little activity called February Album Writing Month, which I’ve mentioned before in these very pixels. Last time, FAWM marked the beginning of a very fruitful (and, yes, ongoing) songwriting partnership with Elaine, since christened Chiron Return; she’s a FAWM veteran (this was her seventh). This time, just like it says on the tin, it resulted in an album’s worth of new atFulcrum music, or what could be an album’s worth.

Which frankly I kind of needed, after banging my ram horns up against Arc II for ages. It was sweet to be creative again and not have to worry about minute tenth-of-a-decibel details as if I were Steely Dan producing Michael McDonald.

Four of these tracks were essentially a game of telephone, wherein I would write a minute’s worth of music based on ten seconds’ worth of it received from another person, and then send the last ten seconds of my minute’s worth on to another person. These “exquisite corpses” came out surprisingly coherent for the most part.

Another track came about because a friend in California had given me The Soul’s Code by James Hillman to read; I liked it enough that I finished it at Elaine’s when we got together for another songwriting session, and she immediately picked it up. Our collective digestion of the ideas contained in the book resulted in Tell Me:


As for the remaining eleven things I came up with.. that, I think, is going to be the basis of the album between Arc I and Arc II. Originally there was supposed to be six months of silence between the two parts of the story, but frankly I’m pretty jazzed about not only the songs that came to me last month but the reactions from those who’ve heard them and praised their immediacy and intimacy.

I’m jazzed enough, in fact, that I’m going to put the first drafts (as I presented them at FAWM) up here over the course of the next couple of days while I’m also making this place a little more media-friendly. Like for example my newly-created YouTube channel: as I write I have one thing up there, a lyric video for Maybe It’s You from Arc I, but other things are in the works. Yes, indeed. Yesssss.

Rick rubs his hands in glee, then towels it right back off again

As if that weren’t enough, I also now have a presence on both ReverbNation and SoundCloud. The various social media sites around which atFulcrum has wrapped its slimy little tentacles are actually easy enough to get to from the cunning little buttons at the top, bottom, and side of every page here at Casa de atFulcrum—well, ReverbNation isn’t, yet. Soon I hope.

OK, I know, this post was pretty heavy on shiny, candy-colored links for you to click on, so I’ll just leave you with one more. Byeeeee!


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