Maybe It's You

Maybe It’s You

music by Rick Mealey, Joshua Walsh, and Paula Naveda


I guess I got too used to being all alone

moved in crowds but still it felt like solitary

I must have felt it when you came around my door

wasn’t quite prepared for the epiphany


maybe I’m not thinking straight or honestly

maybe I’m flying through some fancy

the way dreamers often do

maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see

maybe it’s you

are you for real?


you against the sunlight on a bracing winter’s day

the brilliance making oceans of the glistening ground

could I be right this time? I think this time I am

I know it well, I know a good thing I have found


maybe I’m deluding myself once again

maybe I’m scared to hear another

“thanks but no” to leave me blue

maybe I’ve been cloistered here

since God knows when

maybe it’s you

are you for real?


I’ve never seen the likes of you—I don’t dare trust my senses

I don’t believe my fortune or this fall of hard defenses

but I am here and you are there


I feel my heart, how hard it beats

passion swells with body heat

and still I’m not sure this is real

God, I hope that you’re for real


I dreamed that I was waiting

for a lightning bolt to strike me

dreamed of some elixir to restore my sight

dreamed of someone just like you

to occupy my reveries

dreamed that you would grab me fast

and hold on tight


maybe I don’t understand the way I feel

maybe I’m just afraid to tell you

or the dream may not come true

maybe fortune spun me round upon her wheel

but I’m not blind enough to miss it

maybe it’s you


are you for real?

are you for real?

are you for real, lady?

are you for real?

are you for real?


… It’s really you…


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