Gaining On Me

music by Peter Crane, Rick Mealey, Paula Naveda, Trazan, and Josh Walsh

lyrics by Rick Mealey


People are moving

slicing the surf with the megaton mile

people are moving

pulling the load and driving the pile

the whine of a jet plane

over tarmac anacondas with their Jacks and their Jills

click of a freight train

hunters and collectors moving in for the kill


a heartbeat ago I was standing still


taking my life easy and just hanging out

wondering what all that commotion was about

now I’m driving far away from home

checking the mirror to see what’s behind

I can’t let them get me now

they’re gonna try and take what I know is mine


and they’re gaining on me


people are running

turning down two ’cause they wanna get four

people are running

searching for better and faster and more

spinning their rotors

quantity impresses more than quality will

a thousand odd motors

drowning out the voice of a fool on a hill


an eyeblink ago I was standing still


calm, complacent, smiling, smug, and oh so sure

everything in my lifestyle seemed so secure

now I’m driving into the unknown

falling boulders and hairpin curves

got to focus on the road ahead

but I got tailgating fuckers getting on my nerves


and gaining on me


can’t stop now to catch my breath

or fret about foundations shaken

standing still is certain death

what’s for real and who’s mistaken


red lights flashing, gone from bad to worse to worst

they’ll use me and discard me if I don’t get them first

now I’m driving into the combat zone

I think there’s gotta be a better way to live

running out of gas, running out of time

running out of blood and sweat to give


and they’re gaining on me


(c) 1995 (p) 2009 @Fulcrum


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