One A.M. Deluxe

music by Rick Mealey, Paula Naveda, Chris Stabile, and Josh Walsh

lyrics by Rick Mealey


Well I hear your train a-comin’

but it’s me who’s slowly goin’ round the bend

there ain’t no sun or moonshine out

baby they may never shine again

I can see you on the platform in your gaudy platform shoes

a psychedelic papergirl spreading out the news

diesel smoke and orange lights that parry, feint, and duck

you’re heading for another life on the One A.M. Deluxe


as you prepare for boarding

I can hear you asking “What’s come over you?”

well I think we both remember

when we had much more in common than we do

never learned to read the runes inscribed upon our hearts

only thing that’s changed is that we’ve changed and changed apart

time erodes and time destroys, a state of constant flux

you’re heading for another life on the One A.M. Deluxe


listen to the clatter and the groaning of the steel

the cry of slapback whistles and the braking of the wheel

momentum in its final gasp, too slow and faint to feel

that once it meant a different thing when I asked you

“Hey babe, are you for real?”

Are you for real?

Are you for real…


Well I can’t join you in your world

or stop you now from acting as you will

I used to like the way you dressed

but now like everything it’s overkill

time and trains gonna carry you along into the haze

now you won’t be around to further complicate my days

but I just can’t help but wonder at the turning of our luck

and what lies at the other end of that One A.M. Deluxe


you better ride that train

till you just can’t ride it no more




(c) 1995 (p) 2009 @Fulcrum


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