Storming Heaven

music by Peter Crane, Rick Mealey, Paula Naveda, and Josh Walsh

lyrics by Rick Mealey


Another blue horizon

and another weekend out of town

searching for the key by day

playing when the sun is down

tell the tale of where we’ve been

singin’ ’bout the shape we’re in

for all to hear


all we have is in the van

and in our own experience

still the will to fill the cup

and drink the wine of common sense

all that you and I may know

where we were and where we’ll go


A to B and points between

we run the longer distance

vistas there inviting us

that offer no resistance

inner space to distant place

trading stories face to face

and soul to soul


the stories and the songs you sing

the melodies that I play

we are on the move again

we’re on the same old highway

coming closer day by day

we know we are on our way


I’ll talk to you if you will talk to me

I’ll hear your words if you will just hear me

I will not judge you if you don’t judge me

ours to find the words to say


desire to see each other’s POV

desire to realize we must agree

desire to live together peacefully

ours to light our future way


silence is a slow deception

riding roads to yesterday



(c) 1995 (p) 2009 @Fulcrum


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