Topanga Canyon blues

music by Rick Mealey, Paula Naveda, and Josh Walsh

lyrics by Rick Mealey


I rolled up to the kaffeeklatsch

but Jay and Paul weren’t there

Stymie poured the special blend

that came from God knows where


it seemed that we agreed to meet

but maybe I was wrong

you are leaving us behind already

this did not take long


and I am looking out the window

as the salt air frosts the panes

dusting off the bleached white bones

and dredging the remains

you thought you was a hero, baby

you and your companion

they’re running gloss about you

up and down Topanga Canyon

come on


We heard you paid down Sunset Strip

they lined up out the door

for some cheap divertimento

I ain’t never heard you play before


you made it look too easy

you made it look all right

there’ll surely be a hot old time

in Fernwood tonight


but I am sweeping up the filters

from a thousand cigarettes

and contemplating how much more

ridiculous this gets

you thought you was outstanding, baby

you and your companion

blowing Santa Anas

up and down Topanga Canyon


palm trees line the avenues of all your waking daydreams

but those pink and purple stucco walls will seal you in

you’re thinking we are history

the stinging fades by cruel degrees

I might still show you a thing or three

but tell me, where would I begin?


someone thought of burning you in effigy for blasting off

and all the rest are pressing hard for tell-tale clues

you traded in your paints and easels

for Beamers with their turbo diesels

they ain’t nothin’ but a bunch of weasels

they ain’t fit to shine your shoes


well, we hear you played the Plaza

and it really blew your mind

soon you’ll be in Edmonton

won’t that be just fine


that contract just best guarantee

that your ride was built to last

you used to have some friends down here

but we are fading fast


and I am selling off my ticket stubs

and my band memorabilia

you really used to touch us

now we cannot even feel ya

you taught us all a lesson

with your new-found fast companion

but what’s that sticking to the walls

upside Topanga Canyon


I don’t know


(aw don’tcha think it’s smelling a little bit ripe?)


well, I don’t know you any more


(c) 1995 (p) 2009 @Fulcrum


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